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Primary Care

Health and Allied Health offers services such as Routine Physicals, Treatment for Cardiovascular Conditions, Pain Management, Acute Care, Geriatric Care, and Pediatric Care.
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Routine/Admin/CDL Physicals

Health and Allied Health has doctors who are capable and certified to conduct state-required exams such as DMV and CDL Physicals. We also offer pre-employment health screenings and will evaluate recovering patients for fit-to-work certifications upon request by their employer.

Occupational Medicine

In the practice of Occupational Medicine, Health and Allied Health will work with both employers and employees. Our goal is to maintain a healthy and safe working environment by way of preventive medicine.
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Minor Procedures

Our doctors at Health and Allied Health can perform minor procedures or surgeries when prompted by the patient’s health conditions. These procedures can range from treatments for skin/soft tissue masses, skin biopsies, removing cysts, draining infected sebaceous cysts, and many others.

Women’s Health

Health and Allied Health is proud to have OB-GYN doctors who can provide women’s health consultations and medical services. We can help expectant mothers and female patients with health issues such as urinary tract infections, abnormal menstruation, STD testing, diagnosis and treatment, menopausal symptoms, and ultrasound.

Through our partnership with trust-her.org, we offer free birth control services (pill, IUD, nexplanon, patches, etc) to women in Dallas County irrespective of health insurance status.

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Well Checks

Doctors at Health and Allied Health are able to perform wellness checks for patients of all ages. Our services include but are not limited to Well Child Checks, Immunizations, Preventive Care, vision, hearing and dental screening, and nutrition counseling.

Behavioral Health

Health and Allied Health is open to helping patients with behavioral health concerns. We can conduct assessments and provide corresponding treatment for conditions involving mental issues, depression, addiction, and developmental disabilities.

Weight Management Therapy/Services

Health and Allied Health has a team of highly skilled healthcare professionals dedicated to helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Keeping a healthy weight is vital to avoid risks of certain health problems. We provide quality weight management which includes personalized sets of physical exercise, nutritional assessment to equate energy consumption and intake, as well as appetite suppressants and energy/metabolic boosters.

Hormone Treatment

Our hormone optimization can make the body rejuvenate its youthful state with our state-of-the-art technology, competent providers and healthcare staff, FDA-approved treatments, and therapy. Hormone treatment is one of the services that optimizes bio-identical hormone balance. Hormone treatment helps with conditions like cancer, Klinefelter syndrome, Turner syndrome, growth hormone deficiency, and testosterone deficiency. We also complement our treatment with nutraceuticals such as Vitamin A, D, and K, probiotics, and METHYL factors.

Skin Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy

Health and Allied Health is the home of skin and food allergy testing and allergy injection treatment (immunotherapy) for people who have issues such as pollen, cats, food, dust mites, and other environmental allergens, and allergic asthma. These specialized procedures can help you know and understand more about your allergies, the physical-chemical reactions, and ways you can avoid them. These methods aim to boost your immune system against allergens that cause different problems in your body.

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Testosterone Therapy

Health and Allied Health is the center of medical therapies to improve the current status of one’s health and to recover the nutrients and natural constituents essential to the physical and chemical processes in the body. Testosterone is an important hormone to maintain men’s bone density, fat distribution, facial and body hair, muscle strength and mass, red blood cell production, sperm production, and sex drive. With our Testosterone Therapy, we can improve your overall masculinity in areas such as enhanced sexual function, moderated emotional changes, optimum physical endurance, and other benefits.